Cultural Appropriation : The Loss Of American History

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Cultural Appropriation: The Loss of American History In the recent time, there is an abundant amount of debate, in America, about the supposed glorification of controversial items. Among the list of items in controversy are the naming conventions of buildings and certain military outposts, the confederate flags, and some monuments of Civil War figures on the Confederate States side. Americans all over the country, stemming from various backgrounds, are calling for the cultural appropriation of America and the removal of these aforementioned items. I, for one, feel that these Americans should stop being so sensitive. Our nation has entered a period where it is becoming increasingly more acceptable to allow censorship for the sake of people’s feelings. This new idea that nothing should be said to cause offense, or distress, to another person is becoming as widespread as to even enter the classrooms of some universities, which now limit what can be discussed (Lukianoff and Haidt, 1). These hypersensitive Americans are beginning to flood into our nation with the belief that we should all care about how people feel about a certain topic. However, the fortunate truth is that we do not and will never care about anyone else’s sensitivity to a topic so much that we limit how express ourselves. The American constitution purposely gives Americans the freedom of speech and expression so that we may cause offense to other people, for the sake of having everyone’s opinions voiced.
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