Cultural Appropriation in Advertising, Governments and Fashion

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CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IN ADVERTISING, GOVERNMENTS AND FASHION TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENTS: Page LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS i. INTRODUCTION 1. CHAPTER 1: Cultural ownership- taboo. 2. CHAPTER 2: Freedom, Liberty and war inside a government. 3. CHAPTER 3: Native American for just a day. 4. CONCLUSION 5. LIST OF SOURCES 6. LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS FIGURE: Page Fig. 1. Howard Zieff, You don’t have to be Jewish to love Levy’s (1967). Print, Advertising campaign. (Illustration: Available at: /wp-content/uploads/2009/03/277.jpg). 2. Fig. 2. Jacqueline Band, Wake Up America! (2008). Print, Competition entry.…show more content…
It depicts war, the misuse of freedom and killing faith and a whole generation. America is the country full of hope and golden opportunities for people from all over the world, this picture, however is in contrast with the American dream. It reflects Lady Liberty not on call and doing her duty- by lying down, sleeping on the symbol of pride, the American flag. On her lap is a play toy- depicting the young generation and children without security, hopes and dreams, an empty bottle of pills depicting the fact that drugs is becoming more prominent in the way American people are trying to cope with the true reality of this unjust country. The unjust imagery used is the rows of graves- the soldiers dying for their country for no actual reason, the oil pumps burning is a symbol of the American economy that is getting worse by the day, and then the White House in the background- it almost seems like the artist deliberately placed it behind everything, it seems to be hiding, it can also depict the fact that the government is hiding important information from the people. The White House, who should protect all rights, are actually causing war and death through their fight and claim to fame for sole ownership of oil. The artist took everything good and positive about America and changed it into a negative way to send a message to the world about the actual United States and president, thus this
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