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Why the Artifact was Selected This artifact was a written final exam analyzing issues relating to leadership and diversity in the course Leadership in Multicultural Organizations. This artifact demonstrates knowledge, comprehension, and analysis of the concepts and theories of leadership, issues of diversity in organizations, and strategies for managing differences among today’s multicultural workforce. I selected this artifact because it discusses and describes the link between leadership approaches and diversity and it compares and contrasts current leadership practices in the United States (US).
Alignment of the Artifact to the Learning Outcome This artifact gave me the opportunity to analysis organizational diversity challenges and compare
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Northouse (2013) states, “…ethnocentrism is the tendency for individuals to place their own group (ethnic, racial, or cultural) at the center of their observation of others and the world” (p. 385). Obstacles to effective leadership occur when the beliefs, attitudes, and values of one group supersede another. Today diversity in our culture presents as differences of gender, ethnicity, background, sexual orientation, age, physical status, or other characteristics (Chemers & Murphy, 1995). The White man North American bias paradigms that have informed leadership theories are no longer effective for the health of today’s educational institutions and organizations (Chin, 2010, p.2). Changing societal norms have removed the glass ceilings for, “…not only women but for other historically low-power groups” (Klein & Wang, 2010, p. 2). Preconceived opinions cause harm to the leaners, human capital, and leadership of organizations. Development of leadership skills to meet the challenges of diversity is essential to the efficacy of an organization.
As an adult dental healthcare educator interested in working in instruction or the administration of formal education, this artifact allowed me to address the challenges associated with diversity issues. I realize that an integrative theoretical base and knowledge of current research makes diversity leadership strategies stronger.
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The artifact allowed me to gain knowledge in the approaches of diversity leadership issues. Thomas (1995) offers eight basic leadership responses as an approach to diversity. The foster mutual adaption response approach, “…unequivocally endorses diversity” (Thomas, 1995, p. 251). Thomas (1995) states that under this approach, “…the parties involved accept and understand differences and diversity, recognizing full well that those realities may call for adaption on the part of all components of the whole” (p. 251). Thomas (1995) purposes a diversity framework be used to as a, “… point of departure for evolving a framework to guide managers in making decisions regarding diversity mixtures of all kinds” (p. 252). The framework processes revolve around three objectives for leadership as recognize diversity mixtures present, decide whether a response is required, and select an appropriate response or blended response (Thomas,
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