Cultural Aspects Of American Culture

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Three cultural aspects that I observed in the movies are assimilation, acculturation, and enculturation. I saw assimilation in both Spanglish and Crash. In Spanglish, Cristina was the one who went through assimilation. She adapted the American culture and left behind her Hispanic culture. She learned English, Mrs. Clasky took her shopping, and she was able to go to a private school. In the movie Crash, assimilation is seen through all the different people who have adopted the American lifestyle. One example for this is Farhad and Dorri. They are both Persian who still speak Persian, but they have learned to speak English and adopt American culture. I saw acculturation in Spanglish. Flor was the one who went through acculturation. She had a hard time adjusting to the new culture. She wanted to stay with her Hispanic culture, even though she moved to Los Angeles. Flor does not learn to speak English until near the end of the movie. I saw enculturation in Spanglish and Crash. In Spanglish, Cristina finds enculturation. At the end of the movie, Cristina acknowledges that her life rest firmly on the fact that she is her mother’s daughter. I want to believe that Cristina has become bicultural. She still has her American culture as well as going back to her Hispanic culture. In the movie Crash, Farhad and Dorri are both keeping their Persian culture and adapting to the American culture. There are strengths for assimilation, acculturation, and enculturation. Strengths for
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