Cultural Assessment And Awareness Of Nursing

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Cultural Assessment and Awareness
In the profession of nursing you encounter patients from various cultural backgrounds. With the diversity of the populations in the United States nurses must become culturally competent. Nurses have to be culturally aware to be able to provide culturally competent care to their patients. Dr. Madeline Leininger created a model of Transcultural Nursing called the Sunrise Model. There is a case study that will be used for a cultural assessment to be performed with the use of the Sunrise Model. In addition, the cultures, ethnicities, and health practices will be looked at in my local community. Identification of areas that can be improved with cultural awareness in the case study. Lastly, the relevance of cultural awareness, sensitivity, and competence as a professional nurse will be discussed.
The Sunrise Model
Dr. Madeline Leininger has provided the basic foundation for cultural competency in nursing practice (Dayer-Berenson, 2010). She has created a model called the Sunrise Model. This model looks at culture care, diversity, and universality. The areas that she focused on are religious beliefs, social factors, cultural values and beliefs, and educational factors. She believed if the nurse knows information in these areas about the patient that better culturally competent care can be provided. Transcultural nursing models provide the nurse with the foundation to become knowledgeable about the various cultures seen in their practice setting…
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