Cultural Assessment Purnell Model: Cultural Assessment Essay examples

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Cultural Assessment
Purnell Model: Cultural Assessment

Ashley Bell
Western New Mexico University
August 29, 2010
Cultural Assessment
Purnell Model
Overview and Heritage S. R. is a 31-year old soft spoken Filipino female. Her primary language is English. Her family dialect of Tagalog is understood, but not spoken fluently. Tagalog is the national language in the Philippine society, and English is the second official language. (McBride, 2001) Presently she resides in Pearland Texas with her husband and 20 month old daughter. Born and raised in Webster Texas she is of Filipino ancestry, and considers herself “Asian American” (personal communication, August 20, 2010). Her father and mother were born in the Philippines. They
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According to McBride morbidity and mortality are due to the following disease pro-cesses amongst the Filipino community: cardiovascular disease and diabetes, breast cancer, dementia, depression, elderly abuse, gout, TB and HIV. (McBride, 2001)
S. R. is satisfied with her current weight of 113 lb., without food allergies, stating “I don’t limit the types of food that I eat, I use portion control and eat three meals and to snacks a day to maintain my health” (personal communication, August 20, 2010). The primary source of protein in her diet comes from fish, she balances her diet with several servings of fruit and milk daily. Organ meats are eaten regularly as part of her cultural heritage. Beef tongue, fish eyes, chicken liver and gizzards are among the organ meats that she consumes weekly. The primary way of cooking meets is by boiling, using ground pepper, chili powder and chili peppers for seasoning. Filipino comfort porridge, arroz ca is eaten in S. R. family when they are feeling ill or run down, it consist of chicken and rice (personal communica-tion, August 20, 2010). In the Philippines hight-status food largely consist of fruits. Filipinos are “fruit-loving” people that rarely complete a meal without consuming fruit, “they are the best way to get antioxidants” states S. R. (personal

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