Cultural Assessment Tools And Organizational Culture

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Introduction Corporate culture is an intricate component of an organizations identity. Fortune 500 corporations have used corporate culture as a trademark. Best Buy, a leading electronics corporation, leverages its brand by promoting the “Geek Squad.” Walmart Corporation requires all associates to dress in dark blue shirts and beige slacks. This document will discuss cultural assessment tools used in assessing organizational culture and gaps within formal groups, leadership styles and techniques that influence social culture and diversity within formal workgroups, description of social culture that influence productivity within diverse workgroups and social culture and diversity of formal group members and the influence on organizational culture. The document will conclude with a summary of this discussion.
Cultural Assessment Tools
In the study of humanities, cultural assessment analyzes the subtle meaning of text, images, codes, beliefs and behaviors of a social group or community. However, it does not confine internal comprehension of the nuances of a culture within cultural norms in diverse work groups. Cultural analysis crosses the boundaries between social disciplines but also between formal and informal cultural activities. The major purpose of cultural analysis is to develop analytical tools for reading and understanding a wide range of cultural practices and forms, past and present.
Adaptation and Change
Global organizational groups are the conduits of development
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