Cultural Autobiography : Cross Cultural

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Alexus Williams Cultural Autobiography Cross Cultural Who am I? I come from a very big, loud, joyful and loving southern family from the town of Marietta, Georgia. We are proud African Americans who embraces every piece of black beauty from our hair down to the different shades of our skin. From a very early age I was taught self -love and that it is okay to be different because God did not make us to blend in but to stand out. I was taught to never judge a book by it 's cover so I don’t. Never have I ever disliked or disassociated with someone based on their sexual preference, race or religion. I will never do that because to me, that’s discrimination. I wouldn’t want someone to feel less then what they are because of a preference I…show more content…
Growing up I never knew that I was poor because my mother worked extremely hard to provide for my sister and I. I may not have had the latest but I had something, which was more than what some had. I come from a lower-class family who lived in low income housing with not the greatest environment around. Instead of adapting our environment, it was used as a teaching tool for motivation. It showed us exactly what we didn’t want for our lives. It was always instilled in us that it’s not where you come from but where you are headed in life. Meaning never let your circumstances determine who you are or limit your abilities. You can do anything you want in life if you put your mind to it. My family is primarily women, I witnessed the struggles you can face as an African American woman and how they have overcome and destroyed every obstacle in their path. They did things that many said they couldn’t do without the help of a man. They showed me to be independent and that anything I wanted in this world I could have. All I have to do was work hard enough to get it. There is a strong push for each new generation to be better than the last. This push is the reason that me and many of my cousins are college students and graduates achieving things that we could only dream of as a child. We are breaking down new boundaries that once stopped previous generations and setting new goals for the generations that follow. When it comes to the question of ‘what do I self-identify
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