Cultural Autobiography Examples

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Born in California and raised in the deep south, I grew up in two conflicting societies. The cultural geography of both areas differs on a magnitude of levels and complicated my development into the cultures around me, however in retrospect influenced me to be a multidimensional and considerate person. At a young age my parents introduced me to progressive values. During the developmental toddler stages, I immersed myself in two different cultures: what I experienced at school and what I experienced at home. Charleston, South Carolina embodies small-town society though the Greater Charleston Area expands rapidly each year, pulling migrants, including my family, to the growing city. The overwhelmingly conservative views of Traditional Charleston…show more content…
Nevertheless, as we grew, my classmates and I no longer had the same attitude towards each other. These unaware toddlers, subliminally primed to perceive the world around them as their parents regard as fit, discerned the social ranking of each person in the room. I existed as the lonely piece in the puzzle box that didn’t fit anywhere, an estranged visitor who misplaced herself into their little bubble of friends. I hardly received any invitations to affairs, such as American Girl Doll parties and pool parties, as result of the monetary gap of what I could afford and the moral differences between my family and that of my peers. My mom pushed me to ask if I could attend and suggested I bring one of my stuffed animals instead, which of course came off as an atrocious idea to me at age 7. I did not desire the connotation that bringing a regular stuffed animal to a party with girls who had hundred dollar dolls would cause. Sour and ungrateful feelings began to plague my head due to what I had, in comparison to those around me, did not constitute enough. I only became increasingly alien to those around me as we all grew together and the separating factors in our lives were no longer shallow material attributes as in what plantations a person’s ancestors owned, how much money a person’s family had, or where a person had lived all their life. I could only imagine how unfathomable nonreligious views appear to those who have been
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