Cultural Autobiography Of My Life

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Cultural Autobiography How does a person begin to write a narrative of their own life, relating events and ideas back to their own culture? Well, first, I’d like to give some baseline information about myself. I am a white, middle-class, educated, mid-western, Christian female athlete. I come from a traditional family with a mother, father, one brother, and two sisters. Taking those characteristics into account, I would say that I am a privileged member of society, and being privileged has been part of my culture. In addition, the largest influences on my life and worldview were my family, school, church, and the area I grew up.
First of all, being in a white, Midwestern, middle class family already put me in the dominant group in
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I am confident in my religious beliefs, but I also am careful to listen to others who may have opposing views. I think as a society in general, we all could benefit from hearing ideas that contradict and challenge our worldviews in order to better ourselves and the people around us.
On another note, I would say my life is very similar in terms of culture to the members of my family. Most of my family is white and middle class, besides one uncle who married into the family who is Ghanaian. My parents both had siblings like me, some type of religious influence, and both received a college education. I inherited many of my skills and hobbies from them as well. As a young female, there have been significant historical events that have affected me as a woman in American society. First of all, the suffrage movement back in the early 1900’s was a huge step in equality between men and women. Having the right to vote was only the first step, and that same mentality of fighting for equality has trickled down through the decade into the feminist movement of today. I believe that people should have equal opportunity, no matter their gender, race, sexuality, or other category. This also ties into what issues are important to me as a woman and a human being. I would never want to work for a company with discriminatory hiring, unequal
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