Cultural Autobiography

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While growing up, I always struggled to comprehend why my parents couldn’t understand how I felt and how hard it was for me to accept my parents’ origins. For example, I would always get irritated about my mom’s accent and how people would never understand what she was trying to say. As I grew up, I learned how hard it was for her as well as my dad to assimilate into American culture compared to me. Because of my parents teaching me their cultural values, telling me their stories, and the importance of working hard, they have shaped to who I am today.
My father came to the United States at the age of 19 as an exchange student. He arrived to America, thinking he could come home after 4 years, but at the end of those 4 years, his hometown was gone. On the other hand, my mother is a whole different story. My mom was raised in the countryside of Tayninh, Vietnam. Along with having 4 brothers, she was the second eldest out of her siblings. At the age of 24, my mother had went onto a boat that sailed into the refugee camps of Malaysia. My mom had to stay for about 6 months until she went on to another camp in the Philippines to study English and American culture. My mother had no money and she had to work in fast food restaurants, earning low wages as well as studying English. This made her life harder with her limited English as well as trying to fit in with American culture. Because I was born and raised in the United States, it was easier for me to fit in with American culture,

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