Cultural Awareness And A Global Mindset

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‘Cultural Awareness and a Global Mindset’ Management in Practice is a very special module for me because it provides me a chance to study with international friends and study in a diverse environment. After studying for two semesters, I have gradually established cultural awareness and a global mindset which are extremely important when I graduate and start working. In today’s modern society we have to work with people from diverse background such as personality, nationality and culture thus it is essential to understand these differences and Belbin test is very helpful in this situation. Knowing your Belbin’s team roles and others make it a lot easier to get along with each members and lead to a better performance Belbin (1981) and this is why our group in MIP class developed significantly. Besides Belbin test, I also learned about psychometric test from MIP class. A psychometric test is a method to assess aptitudes, personality, or ability which consisting of verbal, numerical and diagrammatic reasoning tests (practiceaptitudetests). It is very crucial when applying for jobs. Apart from making me know myself, this module allowed me to be a leader as a coordinator of a group. According to Bennis (1989), “…leaders do not seek to lead. Instead, they seek to express themselves fully. They embrace risks and mistakes, learning from adversity. They reflect on all of their experiences. With these skills, they inspire others to follow them”. Although, I may not inspire others
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