Cultural Awareness And Delivery Of Appropriate Care

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Cultural Autobiography
Cultural Heritage As health care providers, it is imperative to acknowledge the relationship between cultural awareness and delivery of appropriate care. The first step in creating cultural awareness may begin by the health care provider assessing their own cultural heritage, and it’s views on health and wellness. Reflection on one’s cultural heritage requires knowledge and understanding of the concept of cultural heritage itself. When assessing my cultural heritage, I first examined the factors that are identified as contributors to one’s heritage. According the Joint Commission (2010), culture can be defined as the, “integrated patterns of human behavior that include the language, thoughts, communications,
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The health views within the Franco American culture are commonly shared amongst the individuals belonging to the ethnic group. Optimum health, within this ethnic group, can often be identified as the achievement of the equilibrium of one’s physical, social, mental, and religious aspects (Purnell, 2012). Due to the holistic view of health that many of the Franco Americans had, religious beliefs and spirituality often affected health beliefs and practices. A large portion of the Franco Americans that immigrated to New England historically belonged to the Roman Catholic faith. Their health beliefs and practices were affected by their sense of closeness to God, and their belief that He was an active force in their lives. Due to their Catholic faith beliefs, saints were often the focus of much worship. Many believed in miraculous events such as the healing of sickness, averted disasters, as well as folklore practices and superstition (Brault, 1986). Along with western medical treatment and prayer, many Franco Americans also incorporated a degree of folklore into their healing customs. The Franco Americans’ health beliefs and practices regarding occult healing originated from their French Canadian, and often Native American heritage. Many members of this culture once believed that disease could be transferred from sick individuals to animals, that severe fevers could be treated by placing a piece of steak onto
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