Cultural Awareness. In This Paper, The Socio – Cultural

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Cultural Awareness In this paper, the socio – cultural analysis of the assigned nation – Iran – is presented. First, a brief discussion on the meaning of culture is discussed. Second, the five major characteristics that that define a culture are explained. Third, a detailed examination of the common cultural characteristics of Iran are presented. Specifically, the physical geography, military and conflict history, weather analysis and civil consideration with more emphasis on ‘power’ are discussed in detail.
Culture and its Meaning Culture, a term used frequently, can be used to represent a multitude of aspects of a society, a region or a country. Typically, culture is defined as the ‘complex whole of a society’. The complex whole
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By birth, people do not know values, principles and beliefs that the culture has adopted. Over childhood and throughout life, people learn about cultures and practices. Second, all cultures are shared, and are passed on to others. Learning happens through sharing and people actively share the beliefs through various outlets. This involves interactions among members of a society. Third, all cultures are based on symbols – symbolism is an essential element of the identity of the culture. Symbols are also learnt and passed from one to another within a culture. Fourth, the culture is integrated into the day – to – day lives of the members and becomes a part of how the individuals define themselves. Finally, cultures are dynamic in nature and constantly evolve with practices and rituals, and habits.
Cultural Characteristics of Iran
Location and Demographics Iran is located in South Western Asia with Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkmenistan as neighbors in the north, Pakistan and Afghanistan in the east and Turkey and Iraq in the west. In the South, the country has Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Population is balanced in terms of gender and totals to around sixty five million.
National Religion Iran is said to be one of the oldest cultures in the world. Initially known as Persia, the country carries with it a very rich and complex cultural background. The indigenous religions or faith in the region were Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism. When
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