Cultural Awareness Of A Counselor

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As a counselor it is essential to have cultural awareness for groups that differ from your culture. To become an effective counselor one must deal with their biases, stereotypes and judgments. Also, it is equally important to challenge ones thoughts and opinions on particular populations that you have prejudgments about. Dealing with these stereotypes and prejudgments allows oneself to effectively provide services to the client. If biases go undealt with, this may become evident in therapy. In order to face these biases it is important to put one in situations that may be uncomfortable to gain understanding and insight on the population.
As a student taking multicultural counseling course I became aware that I have biases and prejudices concerning other religions. To gain insight and understanding on other religions besides Christianity, I had an interview with an African American who identifies as a polytheist. Also, the purpose of this interview was to challenge some of my thoughts and judgements. This interview was done face to face on October 23, 2015 for thirty three minutes. The interviewee was asked eight questions. Interestingly, the interviewee grew up in a Christian church and in his adult years chose to become a polytheist.
The interviewee does not actively participate in an organized religion. The interviewee stated that he does not actively participate in an organized for several reasons. He stated that he grew in a church and that he went to church every day
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