Cultural Awareness Of Saudi Arabia

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Cultural Awareness Of Saudi Arabia By: SGT Farrier, Benjamin W. 13B30 ALC Class 507-17 SGL: SSG Avendano, Allan 12MAY2017 Saudi Arabia, located in the middle east, takes up most of the Arabian Peninsula. This deeply rooted country, in comparison to Western culture, is different in many ways. Culture is defined as a civilization 's way of life, their beliefs, morals, laws, and customs. Similarly to how American citizens follow the rules and regulations laid out in the constitution, the Saudi Arabian citizens use the Koran as their constitution. The people of Saudi Arabia culturally identify as Muslim and Arab, which links them to millions of people beyond their borders. Originating from a hot desert climate, these people…show more content…
Mecca is the holiest place in the Islamic world, just like Vatican City is the holiest place for Christians. The people in this city watch television, use cell phones and use the internet regularly just like everyone else. As these people lived in Saudi Arabia’s harsh climate, they have adapted and thrived, creating thousands of years of rich history. The people of Islam have customs and courtesies that differ from western culture, and some ways they are similar. The rules of Islam govern every part of a Saudi Arabian citizens life, whether it’s political, personal, or business matters. Absolutely no business occurs on Friday, which is a Muslim holy day, and most businesses close on Thursday, making the weekend Thursday and Friday. Greetings are similar to western culture, but if someone were to do the wrong thing they can find themselves in quite a bit of trouble. For example; when greeting men, they will shake hands, and if they are close friends or family, they will also add a kiss to the cheek. It is highly frowned upon for men and women to greet in public. Even in situations of business practices, women aren’t allowed to extend a hand to be shaken. Islamic dietary laws forbid the consumption of pork and alcoholic beverages and are enforced throughout Saudi Arabia. The punishment for drinking, trading, producing, and smuggling is severe. Those caught supplying alcohol to Saudis will receive the harshest punishments. Foreigners
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