Cultural Awareness Project : Ethnocentrism

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Hi this is Brittney Del Pizzo and today for my cultural awareness project I will be discussing ethnocentrism in the imaging department. My objectives for the presentation is to explain how you can avoid ethnocentrism in the imaging department and to also explain how ethnocentrism can lead to stereotyping and how this can further have a negative impact on the department. I want to begin by discussing some general definitions so that you have a better understand of the topics that I am going to discuss. I think it is important to begin by defining the definition of culture. As we learned in class culture is a unique combination of rituals, religious beliefs, ways of thinking and ways of behaving that unify a group of people. Further more culture can lead to intercultural problems and one of these problems is ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is the belief that your own group or culture is superior to other groups or cultures. Lastly, another intercultural communication problem that I will define for you is stereotyping. Stereotyping is a generalization about some group of people that oversimplifies their culture. Now that I have defined these terms for you I will now discuss what it means to be culturally aware in today’s society So what is cultural awareness? Cultural awareness is being able to develop an understanding of another group of individuals who are unlike us. As health care professionals we are constantly meeting individuals who are from a different culture.
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