Cultural Background Of A Child With Special Needs Essay

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As we learned throughout this semester, everyone in this world comes from/has a different cultural background. Culture can be race, ethnicity, where you are from, religion, hobbies, and much more. But in this case, this family is culturally different from others because they were blessed with a son that has special needs. The Anderson family has many factors that go into their culture, but a big one being their son Daniel. Daniel is diagnosed with ADHD, epilepsy, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and at the end of December he is getting tested for autism. As I interviewed Daniel’s mother, Caitlyn, she explained the role he plays in their family. She discussed some of the influences Daniel has on family identity, interactions within the family, how the family functions, and how they progress differently through some of the family life cycle stages than a family without a child with a disability might. Having a child with special needs is the family’s focus the majority of the time. This certainly doesn’t hinder, and might even help, the Anderson family to be hugely family orientated. When asked what one of their family’s strengths was, Caitlyn responded with, “We believe and teach our children that family is one of the most important constants in our lives.” This is what brings their family characteristics together and what makes it work day to day. The quality of Daniel’s day influences the rest of the family. They rejoice in the glory of a good day and work together
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