Cultural Backgrounds Of Urban Societies

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In urban societies, crimes rates are always high. Big cities with a large number of Hispanics and African American decent often get target by law enforcements by high criminal activities that occur on a daily basis. Often times certain minorities are targeted as suspects because of their skin color, body movement and fashion style. According to research done in 2011, the number of aggregation In stops of young African American men in the city of New York exceeded the total number of 168,126 (Alexandra Natapoff,1062.) Although assuming isn’t justified for potential targets, a suspicion of potential cases is essential to identify targets. According to the Law, you may not stop a citizen of this country without any evidence but that human right goes down the drain once a civilian enters generalize categories such as high profiled neighborhoods and time of the day. The purpose of this essay is to identify cultural backgrounds of urban societies and become knowledgeable of conflicting theories that effect police decisions. Citizens of this country need to be aware of how enforcements identify targets by using discriminative categories to match their descriptions. I will be using four journals as sources to identify police discrimination and analyze if potential police salaries in large cities plays a role in decision-making. Questions in urban areas arise of out frustration as to why the main targets of African American and Latinos are continuously rising. Many times an
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