Cultural Beliefs Of The Afterlife

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Every culture has their own set of beliefs when it comes to the afterlife, what happens to our soul, morality, fate, and also share their own version of punishment and reward. Some cultures believe there's a life after death while others do not. For instance, the Egyptian culture do believe in an afterlife. In fact, their culture is so deeply rooted in this that they form their whole lives around and spend their entire lives preparing for their death and afterlife. Egyptians believe the life you have on Earth will be the same in your afterlife. Their concept of an afterlife was a mirror-world of one’s life on earth. Well, it was specifically one’s life in Egypt. Therefore, one was expected to live that life well if one hoped to enjoy the rest of one’s eternal journey. The Egyptians also believed the soul left its physical body to journey off into the afterlife. However, they believed you needed your entire body to remain intact and pure in order to have a chance at living in paradise after this realm. So, if your arm was missing at the time of your burial, according to their beliefs you could not transcend into the next life. You'd be left in limbo. This is why their embalming rituals were created. These rituals were created to make a body pure to be able to transcend into the next life. Speaking of purity, the ancient Egyptians had a code of morals and ethics which was known as Ma'at. It was the ethical conceptions of "truth", "order" and "cosmic balance". Also these
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