Cultural Bias And Health Care Disparity

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Cultural Bias and Health Care Disparity:
Introduction: Cultures, social, ethnicity, English proficiency are factors that my significantly affect the quality of healthcare. Patient’s perspective, values, beliefs and behavior are highly influenced by the sociocultural background pf the patient (1-5). These factors can affect dealing with patient’s symptoms, seeking care, pain toleration, care adherence, preventive measure, and health care expectations.
There is a clear evidence that links Clinician-patient communication to patient satisfaction, treatment adherence and health outcomes. The understanding and the appreciation of cultural differences highly influence the communication and the plan of treatment (6, 7). Failure of physicians in understanding sociocultural differences between themselves and their patients might results in lower quality of health care (8).
The field of cross-cultural care mainly focuses on the ability to communicate in an effective way so that proper health care is provided to patients with from diverse sociocultural backgrounds. Unfortunately, there is no empirical literature comparing the effectiveness of different models of cross-cultural care and communication. However, there is a strong empirical evidence which shows that educating health care clinicians in cross-culture care can significantly improve skills, knowledge and attitude. (9, 10)
Whenever there is a patient –physician relationship, then there are three cultures involved; patient’s
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