Cultural Brisbane Brewing Co : A Huge Impact On The Australian Population

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Sociological Brisbane Brewing Co has had a huge impact on the Australian population as well as the population in other countries in which it operates because it is a large employer and retailer of breweries such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Due to its size and business scope it affects the lifestyles and lives of the people in the areas it operates. On the other hand beers are turning of and wines are becoming more popular, awareness on the effect of alcohol, decline of consumption on- trade in bars and restaurants and increase of off- trade.

Technological Brisbane Brewing Co is a brewing company that has increased its technological expertise and incorporated it into the business structure in order to increase its online
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There are regulatory requirements in regards to sustainability that must be adhered to by brewing industry Ltd; these include keeping waste at a minimum and energy conservation, it has put policies in place to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging and to introduce a culture which will encourage the staff to be environmentally aware. Since it uses all the herbals and plant materials to manufacture a product it is considered as the bio-degradable product which has a very less effect on the environment.

5. Swot Analysis
The following data describes us about the SWOT analysis of Brisbane Brewing Company:
• Small and private Boutique Brewing Company
• Strong workforce
• Reputation for quality
• Good marketing strategies i.e., sales promotions, customer service
• Orientation for the customers
• Innovation, moreover smarter
• Growing brewing company in Australia to give the extreme services in beverage industry
• Adopting the new techniques in the production Weaknesses:
• Stiff competition from other companies
• Legal problems over alleged illegal business practices
• Price point

• Provides high quality products at lower prices than its competitors
• Growth of the brewing industry
• Smaller market
• Media attention

• Fluctuation in prices of products due to demand and supply
• Maintaining its reputation in the consumer durables segment
• Brewing industry is conscious about the brand and moreover consumers are
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