Cultural Change and Shifting Views of America Essay

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Cultural Change and Shifting Views of America Tina Hudaifa ARTS/125 – Pop Culture and the Arts Professor: Kevin Ballard April 20, 2015 Cultural Change and Shifting View in America Many consider The 1893 Chicago’s World Fair as a day that paved the way out of traditional life into modernization. It was considered one of the first cases in history where communication technologies, marketing strategies, and urban…show more content…
Henri inspired other painters to seek authenticity, a quality that is combined with the validity of one’s first impression and personal experience, as well as the current emphasis on the truth. Modernization carried an updated visual sense and the artists of Ashcan school and shaped viewers interest in unusual modes of identifying New York City. The Ashcan School rebelled against skillful, finished portraits by having the ability in restoring the outward appearances of individuals and instead celebrating the creative process. One way they were able to achieve through the 1905 Hester Street painting that celebrated the scampering streets of urban life, as it displayed immigrant shoppers, curious onlookers, casual strollers, and pushcart peddlers to represent citizens as of equal importance. The purpose was to overlook the overcrowding, crime, and sheer poverty of the slums by creating a more colorful and lively place that represented hope in the future. “Yet she is also a type, both easily recognizable and representative to isolate and define the terms of race, ethnicity, and class as he considered the nation’s democratic character and identity” (Doss, 2002, p. 49). Another prime example they were able to depict this was in The 1907 Eva Green painting, which main purpose was to reject the derogatory depictions of American Americans. Robert Henri managed to

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