Cultural Characteristics of Us and Dubai

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DISCUSSION ‘Cultural characteristics of United States and Dubai’ Introduction United States has been known as the leading country in the world. They have strong increases of productivity, low inflation and unemployment rate. But in the 1980s the income rates has decelerated. Reuters states that the declining in global economy and maintaining cost efficiency would not prevent companies to implement the international assignment i.e. sending employees overseas. The article addresses this issue and shows the cultural characteristics and values of United States. Moreover, this essay will focus on Geert Hofstede’s value dimensions of United States which are acquire from the article, namely individualism, low power distance, masculinity…show more content…
The article illustrates companies in United States are flexible since some companies changed their long term assignment of sending employees overseas to short term. In addition, companies in United States also had made a high-risk decision by sending their employees overseas. For example, due to failure in applying the tax and immigration law the appointed employee might be deported or put in jail. This would cause the employees to lose their job, thus come to the conclusion that United States has high job mobility. By the time Marc Lawlor was implementing his duty in Dubai for 12 months, he had tough time. This is due to the difference in cultural characteristics of the two countries, namely United States and Dubai. Dubai is one of the states in United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to Hofstede, UAE is a collectivist country, has high power distance and high uncertainty avoidance. Hofstede’s value dimension of UAE that is related to the article is high uncertainty avoidance which is resulting companies become less flexible. The article states that Mr. Lawlor worked 10 hours a day in Dubai and looked for housing at night. However, the average working hours for employed persons in United States is 7.6 hours a day. Moreover, in country such as UAE where uncertainty avoidance is

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