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Rogoff (2003) argues that human are biologically cultural: “people develop as participants in cultural communities. Their development can be understood only in light of the cultural practices and circumstances of their communities- which also changes” (p. 3-4). According to Gonzalez- Mena (2003) understanding cultural differences can be confusing and no one can possibly know all about the culture of every family who might come into early childhood centres so does that allows the educators to throw their hand and give up. She suggested that the answer is to seek to understand cultural difference by exploring broad themes and organising concepts. As an early childhood teacher our role is to become conscious of how our attitudes and action…show more content…
These cultural regularities could be a portion of influence to me in considering and implicating teaching early childhood education in preschools. Because of these different cultural regularities, I will think about my teaching philosophy, ideas and actions more and implicate my early childhood education to children very carefully. According to Rogoff (2003) “what they do depends in important ways on the cultural meaning given to the events and the social and institutional supports provided in their communities for learning and carrying out specific roles in the activities” (p. 6). Noticing about people’s social-ecological context also help me easier to acquire information and knowledge about child’s family beliefs and culture. By noticing the children’s family background and their family philosophy will affect me in implicating early childhood education in preschools. In New Zealand, some groups of migrants from the Pacific Islands have established early childhood centres to keep their different cultures and languages flourishing in their communities in New Zealand. Because of the diversity of cultures, there is no single Pacific Islands curriculum, but there are historic links in language and culture, and there is a common geographic heritage. In different cultural communities it is expected that children to engage in activities at vastly different times in childhood, and may regard in other
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