Cultural Comparison - Russia and US Education

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A Cultural Comparison of Higher Education in Russia and the United States of America
Intercultural Communications

August 19th, 2014

“Inculcation is the gradual coming to know something through mundane processes of training and learning” (Chetro-Szivos, J. Lecture 1). Through inculcation we acquire a set of dispositions that mold the body and eventually become second nature to the actor. Paralleling this concept with education systems in place around the world, many similarities can be drawn. In this paper, we compare universities, or four-year institutions, in Russia and the United States. To begin, a description of a typical Russian university will be given.
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Kandidat nauk can be achieved within university environment (when the university is engaged in active research in the chosen field), specialized research facilities or within research and development units in industry. Typical kandidat nauk path from admission to diploma takes 2–4 years. The dissertation paper should contain a solution of an existing scientific problem, or a practical proposal with significant economical or military potential. The title is often perceived as equivalent to Western Ph.D., although this may vary depending on the field of study, and may not be seen as such outside of Russia.
Doktor nauk, the next stage, implies achieving significant scientific results. The dissertation paper should summarize the author 's research resulting in theoretical statements that are qualified as a new discovery, or solution of an existing problem, or a practical proposal with significant economical or military potential. The road from kandidat to doktor typically takes 10 years of dedicated research activity; one in four candidates reach this stage. The system implies that the applicants must work in their research field full-time; however, the degrees in social sciences are routinely awarded to active politicians.
Academic titles of dotsent and professor are issued to active university staff that has already achieved degrees of kandidat or doktor; the rules prescribe minimum residency term, authoring established study textbooks in their
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