Cultural Competence And Its Diversity

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Cultural Competence BY: Nardos, Carmen, and Mona
Cultural Competence
Is the ability to apply knowledge and skills needed to provide high-quality, evidence-based care to clients of diverse backgrounds and beliefs to overcome barriers and access resources promoting health and wellness (Pearson, p.1640,2015)
Characteristics of Cultural Competence are

Valuing Diversity
Cultural Self-Assessment
Cultural Awareness
Cultural Knowledge
Cultural Adaptability

Valuing Diversity
Diversity refers to an array of differences among individuals, groups, and communities (Pearson, p.1629, 2015).
Differences among individuals are: sex, age, culture, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, educational attainment, and spirituality.
Diversity can occur
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Provides effective communication with individuals such as: being aware of different gestures, facial expression, and eye contact

Cultural Knowledge
Cultural Knowledge is obtaining a sound educational foundation concerning the various world views of different cultures (Berman, Frandsen, Snyder, p.280, 2016).
Cultural behaviors are learned by:
Observing others’ actions
Hearing instructions on what behaviors are right or wrong
Imitating others doing a behavior
Getting reinforcement (either positive ore negative) for enacting behaviors
Internalizing behaviors
Spontaneously doing the behaviors without thinking about it (Pearson p.1634, 2015).
Cultural Adaptability
Acculturation is the process of not only adapting to another culture but also accepting the majority group’s culture as one’s own. Because culture is complex, members of a cultural group may engage in many behaviors and habits unconsciously, making them difficult to explain to others (Pearson, p.1634, 2015).
Some symbolic examples of Cultural Adaptability can be:
Tiger balm-represents substances that are used in massage therapy as a way of restoring mental health. (Singapore)
Rosary beads-symbolize prayer and meditation methods used in spiritual restoration. (Italy)
Herbal remedies-aromatic plants that may be used by people from all ethno cultural traditional backgrounds as one method of restoring physical health. (Africa)
The eye-
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