Cultural Competence Assessment and Case Study Essay

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Culturally Competent Assessment “Cultural competence is the ability to engage in actions or create conditions that maximize the optimal development of client and client systems” (Sue & Sue, 2013, p. 49). Multicultural competence includes a counselor to be aware of his or her biases, knowledge of the culture they are evaluating, and skills to evaluate a client with various backgrounds (Sue & Sue, 2013). Client assessment involves gathering information pertaining to the client’s condition. Making a culturally responsive diagnosis involves using the DSM-IV-TR axis (Hays, 2008). Following the axis backwards is ideal to discovering the client’s diagnosis, understanding the client’s ADDRESSING outline will help to come to a closer resolution…show more content…
Hudson is in need of a support group pertaining to her child’s illness. Although Mrs. Hudson’s first language is Haitian, I find it interesting that she considers English her first language rather than Haitian and I may touch on that aspect while counseling. Mrs. Hudson and her parents and grandparents came to the United States from Haiti. Se’izisman may have set in with Mrs. Hudson because of the traumatic event; her daughter had pertaining to her serious heart condition. Some conditions Haitians experiences include increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, and strong feelings of sadness (Institute for Disaster Mental Health, n.d.). As a cultural perspective, a counselor should understand Mrs. Hudson’s cultural background and acknowledge some of the Haitian’s beliefs as these may be what is affecting the client’s emotions and symptomatic symptoms. Mr. Hudson’s nationality is unknown but may be beneficial for counseling. Understanding a client’s entire family and culture is vital when helping the client overcome personal issues.
Using layman’s
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