Cultural Competence In Service Delivery

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Many studies and literature reviews were conducted in the direction of coming to an understanding of how cultural competency benefits service delivery. The human service sector offers direct service to a multicultural population and to be an effective organization in this sector it is of the utmost importance that it caters to this demographic. Service delivery for health practitioners and professionals in this field must include a comprehensive understanding of the dimensions of differences in perspectives and cultures and how these have a direct correlation to their patient’s outcomes. Individuals of diverse groups do encounter incongruities in their treatment, quality, access, and engagement to healthcare; these differences are more visibly noted with…show more content…
(2005) cultural competence research have found that cultural competence training has a positive outcome for healthcare administrators in their knowledge, attitudes, and skills, which also complements findings of patient satisfaction proving to be an advisable approach. Through trainings in cultural competencies professional’s awareness is heighten and therefore the responsiveness is more of a preventative than reactionary approach. Cross-cultural training is helpful to all aspects of the service delivery. From reinforcement of positive behaviors, such as work/life balance, to any other service outcome achievement across the spectrum of care. Hickling (2012) perceives that practitioners must then rationalize the complexities of ethnic and culture as it affects human beings and societies, calling for a special analysis of, “A person’s cultural norms and values; the strength, importance and meaning of ethnic identity; the experiences and attitudes such as powerlessness, discrimination and prejudice that are associated with minority status,” (p. 203-204), which are factors that influence the everyday decision-making process and setting aside preconceived inklings is
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