Cultural Competency And Its Effectiveness Essay

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Cultural competence refers to the capacity of people to draw upon cultural awareness, knowledge, skills, and sensitivity effectively, so as to work and relate efficiently with people from different cultures. In addition to possessing the qualities above, an individual should be able to utilize them in trying circumstances (Davis 2011). Trying circumstances bring out the degree of cultural competence of an individual, since they bring out the knowledge, respect, recognition, and acceptance of their practices. The essay below will discuss a case study on cultural competency, bringing out its effectiveness. It will also discuss cultural competency in depth, the rationale for cultural competence, the relevance of customizing it as well as other recommendations that could enable the support of cultural competence in various organizations.
Case Study Summary
The case study is a description of a situation experienced after prediction of a challenge in the next financial year of an organization. The management team had difficult decisions to make so as to ensure that the organization made a profit, even in the hard financial times. They, however, had various opinions that would affect various employees differently. The theories are summarized below.
The first theory was based on the sacrificial of various employee positions by most of the departments in the organization. The employment manager, Mr. Richard, argued that since every year sees the development of several job
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