Cultural Competency Essay

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Cultural competency
In healthcare industry cultural competence is an important component and it is not an isolated aspect of medical care as it improves patients’ clinical outcomes. Cultural competence is express as a dynamic, complex and it involves skill that healthcare providers need to develop in order to respond to their individual diverse cultural patients’ (Brenda, 2016). Cultural competency is defined as creating consciousness of an individual’s life; feeling and thoughts without allowing it to have an unwanted control or power by demonstrating knowledge on the patients cultural and respecting their differences. Another definition had been stated that cultural competence is how the healthcare providers advocate effectively and deliver required needs for their diverse cultural patients (Weber, 2003). Cultural competency is a concept that had been used widely in nursing profession.

The aim is to improve effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare services for patients’ with diverse cultural background. It was developed by recognition of cultural barriers among the healthcare providers and patients; that could affect the quality of healthcare delivered to the
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There are great quantities of international literature pertaining to cultural competency and the importance of it had been integrated into healthcare. In the United States, the importance’s of cultural competency within healthcare practice is widely accredited to the state and federal regulations for culturally competent healthcare (WHO, 2012). Reviews had examined the cultural competency and related concepts within healthcare setting such as nursing, mental health and healthcare systems by focusing on patients’ outcomes. However, there are some reviews that examined specific health diagnosis for example
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