Cultural Competency: Trasforming Conflict into Unity

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The diversity in America is great and in theory is an amazing asset to this nation. However, as a society we tend to allow our differences to segregate us and alienate those who are different. By not embracing the diversity among us, many complications are created. For instance, as a result of an inability to respect other cultures, prejudice, discrimination, and tragic violence often occur. People begin to fight with others for the sole reason that they do not hold all the same beliefs. Also, as a result of the difficulties associated with poor acceptance of cultural diversity, communication becomes muddled and misunderstandings become prevalent, creating a society where different peoples are unable to communicate with each other affectively. The way to combat these problems lies in cultural competency. Cultural competency is an understanding that everyone is different while also encouraging respect and tolerance of these varying cultures. As exemplified by the nursing profession, cultural competency benefits all and has the potential to create a more just society for the common good. In nursing, an intolerance of different peoples can mean the difference between survival and death, just as it can for greater society, both literally and figuratively. As encapsulated by the nursing profession, an application of cultural competency creates a society where our…

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