Cultural Competency With The Palauan People

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Cultural Competency with the Palauan People
Cultural Competence based on the Purnell Model can provide a comprehensive, systematic, and concise structure for learning and understanding the Palauan culture. Based on the previous paper regarding my Palauan friend, S.S., I will be discussing five areas where I can further improve my transcultural care pertaining to this specific community. These areas are in communications, high-risk health behaviors, nutrition, pregnancy and the childbearing practices, and death rituals (Purnell, 2014). Furthermore, I will present a reassessment of my culture competency to evaluate my learning that can positively affect the nursing care of individuals from diverse cultures represented by the Palauans. COMMUNICATIONS: S.S. does not maintain eye-contact well and often looks away during conversation. Direct eye contact may be considered offensive or aggressive in her culture. Because I do know that this is inherently Palauan, I do not need to maintain direct and sustained eye contact while conversing with her (Purnell, 2014). I will certainly keep in mind to greet a Palauan in a clinical setting whenever possible as it is rude not to. Another consideration is the issue of timeliness. Depending on the situation, punctuality is not necessarily valued. Lateness is not considered disrespectful to Palauans as they are event-oriented people. I will have to explain the importance of timeliness if required and be flexible instead with appointment times

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