Cultural Conflict : Tan, Ortiz Cofer, And Alexie

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Arriving in a new country with you family can be quite difficult and you may face a lot of issues. Cultural conflict will cause tension and sometimes an uneasy feeling. It requires a lot of courage and understanding throughout the entire family to move to a different setting; this forming ethnic identity extremely difficult and is exemplified in Tan, Ortiz-Cofer, and Alexie. A mother should set an example for her children, but Tan’s mother constantly rejects America in front of her daughter. By rejecting America or any other culture in front of her children, she is showing them that they should be closed-minded. She also acts differently in front of other African Americans, Caucasians, and races in general. This creates a double life she has to live in and deal with. “My mother graciously thanked the unknown benefactor saying “Too good. Cost too much.” ” (Tan, 1989/2008, p. 737). She sees Chinese people as though they are on a higher status than Americans.

Anyone’s possibilities are endless and you shouldn’t let culture hold you back. You need to believe in yourself, and believe that you can do anything to acheive your goals. “Readers who interpret this story as the tale of Waverly learning life 's rules are missing an important part of it: the point of the story is that there are no rules that cover all of life 's possibilities.”(Rules of the game, 2002). You should accept it for what it is, and make sure you include it into your life just like Waverly did.

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