Cultural Consequences Of The Columbian Exchange

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About Columbian Exchange.
The Columbian exchange denotes to the age of biological as well as cultural exchanges concerning the old and the new worlds. Various exchanges similar to plants, animals, and disease and technology transformation. These variations took place in Europe and native America and this change also impacted on their way of life. After the Columbus discovery in 1492 this exchange continued all the way through the year of expansion and discovery. Geologist believe that about 120 million years ago the landmass began to separate and as a result the Atlantic Ocean was formed by dividing the America from Africa and Eurasia. The Columbian exchange compressed the social and cultural face of both sides of the Atlantic. The Columbian
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In addition, the Columbian Exchange massively extended the possibility of production of some widespread drugs, take along the pleasures — and consequences — of coffee, sugar, and tobacco use to many millions of people. The consequences of this exchange reorganise the biology of both regions and transformed the history of the world.
The Columbian exchange gave rise to many crops and food items before this the people were not aware of these crops and with the help of Columbian exchange people got to know about these crops and introduction of new crops, ideas , culture made the exchange more flexible. At the beginning of this period people of Europe were not familiar with tomatoes and potatoes in the old world and like this on the other hand people of America were not familiar with apples or cows. Some of the crops that were introduced to the Old World during the Columbian Exchange included tomatoes, potatoes, cacao, maize, and tobacco as well as some of the crops that were introduced to the New World during this period of the Columbian Exchange included coffee, bananas, apples, wheat, and rice. Switzerland would not have become famous for chocolate without the Columbian Exchange
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