Cultural Considerations In Health Care

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Cultural Considerations Overall, the health of Americans has improved over the past several decades. However, there is still an inconsistency between the health of various racial groups, minorities, and Caucasians (Cook, Kosoko-Lasaki, & O'Brien, R., 2005). Bakullari et al. (2014) report that specific research related to patient safety and racial and ethnic differences in HAIs is also lacking. As a result of these discrepancies, Bakullari et al. (2014) implemented a study to determine the rate and occurrence of HAIs in six specific racial/ethnic groups (white non-Hispanic, black non-Hispanic, Asian, Hispanic, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and other). What they found was that Hispanic and Asian populations had a significantly higher occurrence of HAIs than white non-Hispanic populations (Bakullari et al., 2014).…show more content…
They also found that children were more likely to be involved in some form of healthcare related errors. Minority children from 0-1 years old were more likely to experience infections related to surgical complications and medical care than Caucasian children of the same age (Flores & Ngui, 2006). Language barriers also play a major role in safety issues in the minority pediatric population. Failing to attain appropriately trained medical interpreters can inhibit the diagnosis and treatment of healthcare-associated infections (Flores & Ngui,
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