Cultural Considerations

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Cultural Considerations
July 27, 2015
University of Phoenix

Cultural Considerations
This paper is going to discuss different culture concerns, and what the influences are in today’s society within the criminal justice system. Also, this paper will talk about how to attend to different culture concerns, security administration, and how influences affect the criminal justice system. Some of the other points that are going to be touched up on are contemporary methods that are used in societies of assorted cultures, how these different influences and considerations related to and affect nondiscrimination practices within the criminal justice system. Last but not least, this paper is going to go over Sir Roberts Peel’s nine
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The standard for recognition in the United States is the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) that was established in 1979. Psychological testing is in place, however; standards are not set by CALEA, and each agency conducts their own testing (French & Wailes, 2008). According to "Psychological Testing And The Selection Of Police Officer" (2008), “In 1973, the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals recommended that every police agency follow a formal selection process that includes a written test of mental ability or aptitude, an oral interview, a psychological examination, and a background investigation.” It was believed that introducing greater screening and standardization to the selection process would result in a more qualified police force. International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) developed several guidelines for pre-employment psychological evaluations. These recommendations address such issues as validation of testing instruments, compliance with legislation, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), using qualified psychologists familiar with the relevant research, and content of the written reports (Cochrane, Tett & Vandercreek, 2008). Compliance with such acts as the ADA indicates the implementation of diversity in the testing process. A few of the most common comprehensive
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