Cultural Considerations in Counseling

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Cultural Considerations War is hard on anyone involved; however, it is especially hard on the children who are forced to live with it or in close proximity to it. Children typically lack the worldview to process the level of violence that occurs during war. The Nigerian children who were rescued from the refugee camp lived in extremely poor conditions and before arriving there were subjected to serious events that may change them forever. They are likely suffering from some severe psychological effects of war-time violence that need to be addressed in order to break the cycle of violence they may be in, but also to ensure their mental health both now and in the future. There are several aspects of psychological recovery that need to be …show more content…

Classes need to be made available for the children and their foster families that promote healthy self-esteem, the importance of cultural identity, and the worth of self after these have been shattered (Machel, 1996). Classes that would be useful in intervention at these young ages may be drawing, painting, and storytelling. All of these types of classes foster communication and may help the children express their feelings more easily than just talking. Additionally, team sports would be recommended to help build self-esteem and a peer support group (Argosy, 2011). Within the community at large, I would recommend cultural awareness classes and I would make them necessity for any families that take in foster children. I would also make crisis intervention classes mandatory for the families as well. The families also need to be aware that there will need to be a strong emphasis on education for the children they take in because they have been without basic education for the time they were in the refugee camp (Argosy, 2011). Part of my intervention plan will be devoted specifically to fostering resilience in these refugee children. To do so, integrated into their school days, classes will be held to teach the children appropriate conflict resolution strategies. At this point, the

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