Cultural Context : Looking For Inequity Essay

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EDFD 609 – Cultural Context: Looking for Inequity in Education, How about Rural Schools?

Looking for Inequity in Education, How about Rural Schools?


The idea of public education in the United States existed even before the American Revolution and the subsequent founding of the United States of America as an independent nation. As the nation grew, each of the states eventually passed legislation mandating free public education for students, with every state in the union operating free elementary schools by 1870 (Monroe, 1911). Almost from the onset, these schools were harbors of inequality, as most were aimed at educating wealthy, white males. Even after the landmark Supreme Court case of Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954, which sought to integrate American public schools, many of the nation’s schools still exhibit rampant inequity. According to Rothstein (2014), African-American students are still greatly isolated and wide achievement gaps still exist when compared to white students. Similar problems remain apparent for other demographic groups, including Hispanics, Native Americans, female students in certain academic fields, and LGBTQ students. One group, though, which is often overlooked when analyzing diversity and equity in education, is not specific to ethnicity or gender, but rather to geographic location. According to research, approximately 20% of American students live in rural areas, with one-fourth of those children living in
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