Cultural Context Of The Temple Of Athena

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Coventry University 194 BE Cultural Context Temple Of Hera in the history Discuss the influence of culture to a classic building Liujingya 2016-4-21 6714415 Contents  Introduction  Main body 1. Establishment of the temple 2. Related politics and art 3. Culture development  Conclusion Cultural influence of the temple of Hera It is very clear that ancient buildings can be a part of the evidence to show what happed in the history. As a part of ancient culture, architectural languages have the significant vale in both culture and construction. The temple of Hera, which becomes the sign of Greek classic architecture even the whole Europe, plays an important role in the Greece history and culture . This essay will start an analysis from the structure and component of the temple of hera to present that how can cultural factors affect the form and functions of a building. The temple of hera is located in the site of Olympia, in a valley in the Peloponnesus. As a Doric construction with a size of 50.01 by 18.76 m with three platforms, some of the walls in the temple of hera was designed to paint for recording stories happened in earlier times while some of them was used to depict mythological events. Thus it can be easy to found that the cultural developed prosperous and stones might start to used as the main material of Greek buildings since that period. The temple has two statues: Hera and Jose . In addition, the temple was also used to save

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