Cultural Convergence And Its Effects On People 's Lives

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Globalization is the set of processes by which more people become connected in more and different ways across ever-greater distances (Lechner, 2015). Globalization has made the world a homogenous place. It has connected people of the world through various ways. Cultural convergence is a result of globalization that has brought tremendous changes in one’s culture. In fact, the same changes have brought defects in certain social groups as well as some positive effects. Globalization and cultural convergences have negative and positive effects on people’s lives. A cultural convergence is a massive threat to the traditional societies, but partially it is advantageous. This paper will discuss pros and cons of having cultural convergence in this global world. Moreover, this essay will analyze if cultural convergence is a beneficial factor or not. Cultural convergence is a huge part of globalization and it is important to examine how cultural convergence is altering our societies. A society learns significant amounts of knowledge about a different cultural society through various means of communication. People travel around the world and leave certain ideas or personalities in that place, intentionally or unintentionally. The same ideas or personalities become knowledge of that native people about a different society. We can take an example of an American visiting a third world country, whose way of communicating, dressing, and greeting could be a lesson to a third world person
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