Cultural Culture And Its Impact On Our Multicultural World

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The world we inhabit today is home to many different individuals representing several cultural and ethnic backgrounds that are all distinct from one another in some shape or form. In today’s modern world, there are struggles between preserving cultural practices and conforming to the notion of “progress”. Progress, at its core, implies subjectivity. The word is open to interpretation by whomever, both having positive and negative impacts on our multicultural world. The positives usually come in the form of better technologies, infrastructure, and medicines. These all promote a sense of easier living as they all ease the hardships each individual has to go through on a daily basis. However, the negatives that come along with progress are more complicated than its counterpart. Since our view of progress is skewed, we, as individuals living in a first-world country, typically view progress as something that makes living day to day easier. Yet, for the underdeveloped countries, the same scale cannot be used. A cell phone, for example, doesn’t have much use in the middle of the African Sahara. However, a cell phone used in the middle of New York City, New York may be of incredible use. The way we scope progress from our first-world perspective causes us to believe something that is different from what we consider the norm, is somehow beneath us. Popular consumer cultural and our mode of democracy causes us to believe that freedom and productivity are the only ways to achieve true…
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