Cultural Culture Courtship And Marriage

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Cultural relativism says that we must examine cultural practices within a cultural context, seeking to understand different practices from the eye of those who practice them. It is sometimes hard to understand other cultures from an emic perspective, and there is a tendency to favor your culture, viewing it as superior. It is helpful to change your perspective, assuming an outside view towards your culture and taking an inside look at another. Over the course of this paper, I will explain my American Culture courtship and marriage traditions through the etic eye to show the perspective to an outsider, and I will examine an aspect of the Sub-Saharan African polygyny marriage from an emic perspective to become familiar with this lifestyle. In this section, I will examine the American culture in courtship and marriage from an etic perspective. As Crapo(2013) describes etic as “etic models invariably describe cultures in ways that seem alien to its participants but facilitate comparisons between cultures and the discovery of universal principles in the structure and functioning of cultures” (p.27). In the article Body Ritual among the Nacierema, Miner(1956) describes an aspect of the “Nacierema” culture from an etic perspective, allowing readers to realize the Nacierema are Americans. From an etic eye, Americans practice probably seems as strange to an outsider, as their culture is to ours. In American culture, there is courtship and marriage. Courtship in
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