Cultural Culture Of Nigeria

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Nigeria is located in West Africa along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and bordered by Cameroon and Benin to the east and west respectfully. It is comprised of over 180 million and is considered one of the most populated nations in the world. It is a nation that is ruled by a caste of politicians, wealthy business men, and the educated elite. The rest of the nation is subjugated to sub-par living standards and mediocre health care. At a glance one would think that Nigerians are doing well for themselves as they have one of the largest economies on the continent; however most Nigerians are forced to live in squander and are not given much of a chance to improve their lot. Nearly half of Nigeria’s population is made up of people that are not even considered adults in the United States. With over five hundred ethnic groups Nigeria has an extremely diverse group although the Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo, and Fulani make up nearly seventy percent of the nation. There is a minority of British, American, East Indian, Chinese, white Zimbabwean, Japanese, Greek, Syrian and Lebanese immigrants in Nigeria as well. (Simpson, 2008) Most immigrants are farmers, merchants, or missionaries. With all the ethnic groups and immigrants there are nearly five hundred languages spoken in Nigeria. English is the official language due to a brief British colonization which was ended around Nineteen Sixty. Nigerian culture however did not suffer the same from British influence.
Almost all of their
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