Cultural Desensitivity In The Classroom

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An ignored problem is at-risk urban students who are unable to identify with the curriculum that is provided in the school system today. The curriculum does not allow students of multicultural backgrounds to identify with the perspectives that are presented since they are not able to take ownership of their education. If literature that students can identify with or knows about through a classmate, then students will be able to increase their scores and achievements in the education. One should not eliminate the current curriculum, but should infuse it with cultural perspectives with the cultural background of their class demographics. The cultural insensitivity is adding to the poor literacy skills the does not improve the skills of at-risk…show more content…
It can be identified by the grade and room number or even a college of prestige. Labeling the classrooms in the school sends a message whether it is success, grade level or a common code that the school develops. However, you will not see the racial decomposition of a classroom to understand the cultural identities of the students in the classroom. Understanding the racial composition of a classroom will allow a teacher to understand the socio-economic, socio-emotional, and cultural sensitivity of the students in the class. “Despite a more racially and ethnically diverse school population, separation by race is becoming more pronounced in the nation’s schools (Clotfelter 1999; Frankenberg et al. 2003; Reardon and Yun 2001)” (Kurlaender and Yun 214). This will allow a teacher to enhance their pedagogy to address and introduce the cultural sensitivity. Students are unable to identify with the curriculums that are provided because it is one sided and introduces the Anglo-Saxon history (i.e. Christopher Columbus). Through the decomposition of the classroom at risk-students in urban areas have a greater chance to be drawn into the learning process and take ownership of their…show more content…
Adding a multicultural dynamic can be an engaging method that activates prior knowledge or interest that can add to the rigor of the lesson. Each lesson provides literature that can be used whether it is a primary or secondary resources that can be utilized in small or whole group instruction. Using resources to enhance the lesson brings about the ability to challenge the students using higher levels of questioning, engagement, and activities. “Examining children’s literature is essential because scholars are often the teachers of teachers” (Willis-Rivera and Meeks 270). If a teacher wanted to teach fairytales to a class, he or she can use two books of the same story using a multicultural viewpoint. For example, the teacher can read the European version of Cinderella and the Chinese version called Lin Po Po to teach the skill of compare and contrast. These two stories could illustrate the two perspectives of two cultures using the concept. The multicultural aspect creates dialogue and identification of a classic story that can be morph into another grim
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