Essay on Cultural Difference between Mexicans and Americans

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Cultural Difference between Mexicans and Americans

While Texas leader Stephen Austin initially had no contempt toward Mexicans, the Anglo-American citizens in the area did. The American Texans of the 1800’s defined Mexicans as “a race alien to everything that Americans held dear” (De Leon 4). This sentiment would serve as the primary catalyst to the Texas secession from Mexico. When Austin began colonizing the area, he envisioned a place in which Anglo-Americans and Tejanos, Mexicans living in Texas, could live together. Eventually, though, the public opinions of North American settlers in the territory and in Washington would make him realize that the goal of unity between the two groups was impossible.

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(Del Castillo 4) Americans believed they “were the ‘pioneers of the continent,’ who would inevitably spread the benefits of democracy and freedom to the lesser peoples inhabiting the region”(Del Castillo 4).

The prevailing attitude of white supremacy was the justification Americans used to “rescue the wilderness from backwardness, indolence, and disorder”(De Leon 65). Mexico in its earliest days was primarily Indian, but the infusion of both Spanish and black blood made it harder to define Mexicans. White Anglo-Americans believed “their contrast to ‘white’ and salient kindred to ‘black’ and ‘red’ made Mexicans subject to treatment commensurate with the odious connotations whites attached to colors, races, and cultures dissimilar to their own” (De Leon 6).

Both Americans and Mexicans laid bricks creating cultural differences. America prided itself on being a nation comprised of people working for a better future. Mexicans were noted as focusing on the pleasures of life and ignoring their responsibilities. David Woodman, a promoter for a New York and Boston land company, is quoted in De Leon’s They Called Them Greasers, saying “Mexicans habitually succumbed to indolence and ease and indulge themselves in smoking, music, dancing, horse-racing, and other sports” (7). Many Americans who visited Mexico were appalled
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