Cultural Differences And Family Bonds Collide

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Cultural differences and family bonds collide in Tess de Loo 's war time novel “The Twins”. Set amongst the backdrop of WWII, “The Twins” tells the story of twins Anna and Lotte, one raised in Germany and the other raised in The Netherlands. A beautiful look into the nature of separation “The Twins” is more than an exploration of the ties which bind families, rather it confronts our expectations of what nationalism is and if the crimes of the country can ever be forgiven. Separated at age six, after the death of both their mother and father, the sickly Lotte was whisked away to the Netherlands to recuperate with their uncle’s family whilst Anna was forced to stay in Germany on a pig farm with their grandfather. Over the years there’s a constant yearning for their lost twin and neither can seem to shake the idea that a deep, important parts of their lives is absent. Conversely the onset of Hitler 's rise to power and the subsequent war and bloodshed creates a rift between their lives that appears to be insurmountable. The novel begins in the 1990’s; Anna and Lotte, now old women recuperating in a health spa from their shared aliment of arthritis find themselves in each other’s company after years of detachment from the other. At first Lotte, the twin raised in The Netherlands is extremely reluctant to engage with Anna. Whilst Anna, the twin raised in Germany is overjoyed to see her long lost sister, viewing their chance encounter as fate bringing their lives together. The
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