Cultural Differences And Gender Appropriateness

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To be transgender is not a choice, but rather of form of sexuality that is often shunned in American culture. Transgender individuals are those who transgress the gender norms of the dominant culture or the culture to which they belong. Transgender oppression occurs when people whose gender expression does not qualify as “normal” within their society. Throughout life, society teaches “cultural differences and gender appropriateness” (437) in which is set as the norm in the American culture. It is important that we must “move away from the culturally derived values that are assigned to expressions of feminity and masculinity” (444) and allow sexuality to be free from standards. Society has created transgender oppression, by not attempting to understand nor accept a wider range of sexual expression. Throughout history, people who are transgender are viewed as “mentally ill (426) and are victimized through our political system. An example of this would be the intense discrimination that occurred in the 1960’s, where a person who “looked transgender would be less likely to be rented to and would have a great deal of trouble finding work.”(433); because often the transgender community lacks protection through the political system. Title VII was created to prohibit employers from discriminating against employees based on sex, race, color, nationality and religion; but this protection was not extended toward the transgender community. Police brutality would also occur when

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