Cultural Differences And Influences Of India And Culture Influence On Global Companies

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Literature review:

The Literature mainly focuses on globalization, Cultural differences and influences in India and culture influence on global companies. It will also discus further on adaption to local culture and weather global companies should adopt the localization and discussed some examples of global companies who has adapted themselves to localization with global strategy.

Globalization is ‘ Crystallization of the entire world as single place.”(Mooji,1998) According to Anderson and Svensson, 2009, globalization in business activities has started in early 1980’s. Bartlett and Goshal says that the global term is interchanged generally with the words international and multinaltional, however there is significant difference in usage. Globalization is more of global marketing strategies applied to local culture to gain the markets internationally. The possible three reasons for emerging globalization into business is i) Entering the foreign markets ii) international standardization of products in the market and iii) increasing the acquisitions internationally (Sheth, 1986).

Levitt,1983 mentioned for the first time in his article in the Harvard business review about standardized marketing strategy. He stressed that companies who want to explore internationally should develop standardized products and market them internationally with standard prices, quality and advertising. He referred standardization as building the global brand and product. But the Mooji,1998 argues…
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