Cultural Differences Between Australia And Sri Lanka Essay

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Cultural Differences Between Australia and Sri Lanka

Hofstede 's cultural dimensions theory


Student Name : Dinusha Thilakaratne
Student ID No : 101322462
Teachers Name : Shirley Robinson
Date : 11.11.2016

The key purpose behind this report is to decide the significance of Hofstede 's dimensions and to set up the attributes of the two countries under thought in connection to Hofstede social model. It is likewise expected to give significant data in the wake of an Australian company opening another branch in Sri Lanka. This report briefly discusses the strengths and the weaknesses that the company has and the solutions need to be taken in order to achieve the global market. The two countries are comparing to each other by one of the Hofstede 's dimensions which is “Power Distance”.
What is Business Culture?
Culture is a main part in a business and it has a huge power on the intentional way of business. Culture effects management for decision making and all other business purposes from production to accounting. The business culture defines as the ethics and actions that donate to the exclusive social and also physical environment of the organization. Furthermore the business culture can be defined as an evolving traditional of combined beliefs, standards and attitudes. Culture is a main section in an organization and it has a huge effect on
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